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What we do to prepare vehicles and things to bear in mind when choosing someone to work on your vehicle.

In the case of a vehicle coming from America or Canada a full lighting conversion is required as the lights are of a different standard to European vehicles.

Many modern vehicles utilise electronic systems to control the lighting. Simply tapping into circuits and bypassing certain outputs of such devices to obtain the lighting outputs for UK specification will overload the system and lead to premature failure. An example of this is using the same output as the front indicators to power the 'new' rear indicators. This method is quick and cheap but will overload the device and cause it to overheat. The vehicle's existing control modules are designed only to power the lights originally fitted by the manufacturer and are very expensive to replace if they burn out and take time to order, meaning your vehicle will be off the road.

When you bring your vehicle to us, we will assess exactly what modifications are required. If the lighting needs to be altered and it is controlled electronically we will install a bespoke control unit that interfaces with the existing unit in the car. This will provide a safe, long-lasting conversion that places no additional load on the car's existing system. Our electronic interfaces are designed and manufactured in-house by an engineer who is experienced in creating bespoke electronic products for automotive applications.

Once all the necessary modifications are complete, we will also check various other aspects of the vehicle that are examined at the VOSA test, to ensure as far as possible that it will pass first time. Some types of vehicle, particularly Japanese imports are subjected to a more in depth test, meaning that more items are tested and that independent documentary evidence is required to cover some testable items. In addition to this Japanese vehicles must be fitted with a Thatcham Category 2 immobiliser in order to pass the test, which we also arrange.

With us you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands, we are passionate about finding the most effective solution for your vehicle and we pride ourselves on keeping your vehicle looking as original as possible.  We use only approved and carefully chosen parts to give a high-quality and long lasting solution.



We are experienced the conversion of motorcycles for the Motorcycle SVA test. The most common modiifcation is the conversion of the speedometer to MPH. We can do this effectively to both analogue and digital speedometers, without the need to approach main dealers and thus avoiding their high costs. We can also provide legal exhaust systems for the test (max noise allowed 99dBA) and retrofit lighting on vehicles without certain lights for the test.



Trailer and Caravan sockets

We can also fit 12N and 12S UK towing sockets to foreign vehicles that do not have these fitted. The 12S (for caravans) is properly fitted with heavy-gauge cable and has all the necessary relays fitted so it is simply a case of 'plug in and use'. Please ask if you need this done, as we need to install the electrical wiring at the same time as lighting conversion.